#RoadTo27 Day 2 – Change

Yesterday was day one of the newest DragonFit bootcamp round. I decided I was gong to fully commit this round, no half assing. I posted in our sisterhood group that I was going to do the “Mile For Time” challenge mentioned in our emails, and that I was going to crush my fastest mile. When I woke up this morning I had one thing on my mind – beating that time. I went to sleep thinking about it, I woke up thinking about it…I was going to do it.

I stretched and reached for my phone to check the time and the first thing I saw was a text from a girlfriend that said;

“Why am I afraid of change?!?!”

I sat there, phone in hand, trying to think of just what to tell her…

Because it’s scary! That’s why!!

What if you fail? What if you can’t do it? What if you lose friends? What if people mock you? What if…

…what if you succeed?

Over the last year I’ve made more changes than I can actually really wrap my head around. Small things like shaving off half my hair…and huge things like leaving my toxic marriage.

They were all scary, and they all caused exponential self growth. I’ve grown accustom to change, and I really like it – but it’s still very scary. I like it because I always grow and learn about myself, even if the change wasn’t necessarily “good”.

So, here’s my advice on change.

  • Embrace it, embrace the HELL out of it. It’s gonna be scary, but it’s going to be worth it.
  • Figure out what part of it is actually scaring you – for me, it’s often the fear of success.
  • Understand that every time you walk through a new door you’re going to lose people. Also understand that is perfectly okay. Most people we meet are just for certain phases of our lives, the ones who are meant to follow through each door will remain.
  • If there is someone who doesn’t support your change, they are NOT your tribe and you do not need them.
  • Seek positive energy and surround yourself with people who have similar goals and ambitions. It wasn’t until I did this that I really started to succeed.
  • Don’t worry about the thoughts of others. This is particularly true for lifestyle changes. When I started lifting like crazy and packing on muscle, I lost a lot of “friends” …that was my choice. No one get’s to decide what my body should look like but me!
  • LAUGH. When you hit a speed bump or completely screw up, laugh about it. Realize you’re human, find the light and just move forward.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.Ever.
  • Find some consistency. Even if it doesn’t seem consistent, as long as you’re pushing towards your goals…you’re going to make the change permanent.
  • Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is just in your head, there really are no failures…only lessons. Find the lesson and push forward. Readjust if you must, but keep moving towards the goal.
  • Get out of your own head. Don’t overthink it, just do it.

I think my last bit of advice on making change is this…

ALWAYS believe in yourself…and when you don’t, do it anyway.

I didn’t believe in myself when I stepped foot out to go on that run this morning. I knew there was NO way I was going to beat that time of 13:31…but I went out, and tried my damndest anyway.

I crushed it, by the way…by over 2 minutes.

You don’t always have to believe in yourself to create change, you just have to fight through the fear.

After all, on the other side of fear lies freedom.
































Since I was about 15 I knew that no matter what I chose to do I was going to find success and happiness in life. I never felt the need to seek it out…I just KNEW it would happen.

At that time I was training horses and that was something I absolutely loved (still do) but that wasn’t it .

I went to EMT school…not it either and I quit as soon as I knew.

Started some online schooling online, nope. Assistant at an oil company, not it. Photographer…still a big negative.

Of all of the things I have tried none of them were my true ‘calling’ . I have enjoyed everything I have done and am so thankful that I have been able to try and experience all of those things as they have all taught me about myself and what my purpose in life truly is.

I’m still not 100% sure of my it …but I know some things for sure.

My it involves changing lives and helping others see greatness in themselves.

It includes surrounding myself with unique and outstanding, strong, beautiful, empowering women and being those things for them.

It includes being someone people can reach out to in a time of need.

It includes creating a womens program that will save and change the lives of hundreds of women.

It includes promoting health, happiness and self love.

I’m not sure if it is just one thing, or a number of things…and I can’t wait to find out!

Here’s to the people who move and inspire me, believe in me and living the dream.

Here’s to IT!!!




Permeable Clouds & A Sandstone Bikini

Sometime last year I decided I needed a fitness blog to track my journey (okiegirlfit.wordpress.com) and I just stumbled back across it. I had completely forgot about it since starting this more relevant to me blog! This is the last post I posted on there…and I laughed so hard reading it…but also absolutely loved it. I HAD to share. This blog can tell you a LOT about who I am.



There are some occasions in my life where I do something that is considered “normal”, but those are very rare occasions. I’m talking few and far between.

So, what is normal? I guess that’s different for everyone, but the true definition of normal is simply; “conforming to the usual standard, type, or custom”.


No wonder I refuse to be normal.

I have always been different, weird, strange, silly, WHATEVER you wish to call it…I’ve been that way since I was like 24 minutes old. Seriously, I have proof.

I have been a lot of things, but normal has never been one of them.

I’ve never been someone to conform to the visions that society has made for a woman in her 20’s (or a girl of any age, for that matter!) I have always been strong, independent, somewhat intelligent, strong willed, and weird. I have my own sense of style, do whatever I want with my hair, and I didn’t get pregnant 3 minutes after I got married.

What is society anyway? And why do they get to decide who we are?
They may define you, but you’re on your own on that one.

It’s hard to do what you’re passionate about these days if it doesn’t fit in with the “rules” of society. FOR example, since I started my fitness journey you would not believe how many people say “don’t get manly” when I tell them that I lift heavy weights on the daily.

BITCH, I already am – and I’m proud of it! Manly. Psh. Whatever that means. I was manly before I started lifting. I train horses, build motors, drive trucks, play in the mud, haul hay, drink beer and work for an oil company. I don’t think picking up iron 5x a week is going to make me any more of a dude.

You say I’m manly, but I just say I’m independent. I can take care of myself in situations many women can’t. If you think that’s a weakness, well, honey – YOU are sadly mistaken.

Another thing that people find absolutely crazy? That I run my own business. Why? Because I’m a chick, and girls don’t run the show.

SCUZE the hell outa me. If you don’t like it, get on down the road.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that you should ignore what you read and see and hear and do your own damn research. Become who you were born to be, not who someone else was born to be.

Chase your dreams down and tackle them. If you’re not following your dreams, then you’re just letting someone else pay you to follow theirs.

Stand out.
Dare to be questioned.
Wear a sandstone bikini that you carved your damn self, you cave woman you.
Smirk in the face of conformity.
Flash all your haters a smile.


I know I will.


All I Can Be Is Me.

Do you know how hard it is to be yourself in this day and age?

ESPECIALLY as a woman!

There is constantly someone, somewhere, telling you how to look, what to wear, what not to wear, how thin to be, how many muscles to have;




I can’t STAND it!

Advocating health and a fit body is one thing, but pushing girls to drastic measures (eating disorders, especially!) to fit in with some “standard” is just ridiculous.

I wish that instead of teaching young girls “how to dress” and “how to lose 10 pounds fast” that all these popular magazines and websites would teach self love, self respect, and how to live a HEALTHY lifestyle.

I was blessed to be raised in a home full of praise and positive vibes. I have always loved who I am, which is good, since that’s all I can be. Of COURSE we can always improve our bodies, minds and spirits…but I feel like society and social media are teaching women (especially young girls!) that who we are isn’t good enough.

We must paint our faces up and contour them, elongate our cheekbones and our lashes, make our noses smaller and our chins less defined. We must be skinny with a shapely butt and huge ta-ta’s, and if we aren’t that then we need to use clothes to trick others into believing we are.


We are all unique, and that is what makes us who we are, which is what makes the human race and our world so bad ass.

SO, today, I want you to look in the mirror and compliment yourself…and I want you to do that tomorrow, and every day from now on.

We are all beautiful amazing crazy weird creatures…and if we don’t embrace that, we will surely lose it.

The only person you need to impress is yourself.