Keepin’ It Fresh.

It’s not real often I meet someone that I just absolutely vibe with…on some weird intergalactic kind of level…but when I do, man…magic can be made.

I remember the first time I met Mr. Cowboy Fresh (who was still just Mr. Austin at the time) …it was in a junkyard somewhere between Weatherford and Stephenville, Texas. That’s not even a joke. It was shortly after I had launched my company, TwistedPro, and his photo shoot was the first real shoot I had ever done. But, my girl Danielle believed in me so…there I was.

There I was…more hungover than I’d ever been before, my head in a bucket just 5 minutes before we met Austin. Gee, that was the highlight of my career (sorry, Austin!). Somehow I managed to pull myself together and get some of the coolest shots I’ve ever done to date…and that was 4 years ago!

Not all that long ago Austin contacted me to help him put together some graphics and maybe vamp up his website a little bit..and it seems like it’s been all downhill from there.

I had the absolute privilege of doing a photo shoot for Austin and Cowboy Fresh last night…and saying it was for sure the highlight of my career is a complete understatement. It absolutely was and that single day has changed my course completely, and for the better. Not only do I have another big date set with Austin and Cowboy Fresh , but I have MANY more big things in my future.

I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to believe in me even when I didn’t. TwistedPro wouldn’t still exist if you didn’t keep contacting me, and for that…I’m grateful beyond measure. People like you deserve to be celebrated and recognized, so this is my little way of saying thanks on the intnerweb.

Get aholt…cuz this is going to be one hell of a ride!








Be Thankful.

I am sure there are plenty of posts floating around telling you to be thankful this holiday season.

I say, screw that.

Be thankful all the time!

I read something the other day that hit me pretty hard;

 “If you woke up this morning with only the things you thanked God for last night, what would you have.”

That morning I would have had nothing.

That’s not good, Kristen.

I guess in the face of something like that you can either be like, “ooh, I suck, blah..blah” or you can change.

I chose to change.

Each day I acknowledge what I’m thankful for. I remind my husband and family what they mean to me. I thank God for the strength he gave me to endure the day and all of the blessing he has brought into my life. I pat myself on the back and thank my body for carrying me through the day. I take a good look around at all the STUFF I have and remember that I am one blessed lady.

It’s not about things or money – it’s about the quality of your LIFE.

Be thankful for what you have, and be thankful for what you don’t have.

Work to achieve your goals and pray for strength when you are faced with struggles.

Life is a gift in itself, don’t waste it.

Place no trust in tomorrow.