Grin & Barrett.

It’s not every day you meet someone who shares a story so similar to yours, especially when it comes to a life changing dog. When I met Alexis and heard her story about Barrett, I knew we had a connection that would be unexplainable to most everyone else. We shared a bond with our K9 counter parts that most people only dream of. We were saved by them, changed by them, molded into who we are today because of them.

We are who we are because of Karma & Barrett, and we are now amazing friends 500 miles apart because of them too.

Life is so strange, don’t let it pass you by.


When it comes to unhealthy relationships, I have been dealt every kind that exists. There was the everyday liar and cheater, and then the physically and mentally abusive. The first was the worst though, and he was the one who didn’t hear my voice or think I had a choice. At fifteen years old, I turned into a total strange.. unrecognizable by family, friends, even myself. It was toxic to my life and everyone in it. It affected every relationship I had and would  continue to strain those in my future. Depression, suicide attempts, anxiety attacks, and addictions are what my new life would be made of until a year ago. 9 years of complete hell, and life changed for me again. I brought home a dog.

The demons I had spent my life hiding from would be brought to light, faced and dealt with. My joy and love for life restored! He brightened the darkness that had taken my soul, and sewed patches on my battered heart.

I was hurt so deeply by so many people that there was a broken piece of my a human would never come close to healing. But, a dog did! Barrett did! 💙 -Alexis

I know she misses you every day, Barrett! You will always be more than just a dog. Keep an eye on Karma, up there in heaven…we’ll see you some day. And remember to always…Grin & Barrett.


Okie Girl & Alexis

Just A Dog.

As I sit here wiping away tears I come to realize something…sometimes we meet people that can change our lives, and other times…if we’re really, REALLY lucky…we meet a dog that can change our lives.


I have housed, fostered, raised and rescued numerous dogs but very few have ever had a hold on my soul and created a space in my heart. So few so that I can count them both on one hand. Two. There was Yeller, my labrador best friend from about 6 to 13, and then there was Karma, the one of a kind GSD.


I remember the ride home as soon as we got her. She was an anxious mess…but found comfort with her nose behind my ear. It was this off the wall instant connection between us. I had faith from that moment that she would be different…she was.



From the very beginning Karma was so in tune to everything I did and said. I promise you she understood what I was saying, and feeling. I taught her so many things, and she learned so quickly. She was smart, silly, energetic and full of love.

I taught her goofy tricks, and a solid work ethic. I taught her who was okay and who shouldn’t be trusted…she taught me that too. She learned when it was time to work, and when it was time to play. Together, every day, we grew and learned together..about each other, about life..about the world.

In all that I taught her, though…she taught me so much more. She taught me that sometimes change is unexpected and even though you think you can’t handle something…you certainly can. She taught me to be patient, and understanding…and to communicate without saying a word. She taught me that even though you think your heart is absolutely full…there is always room for more love. She taught me forgiveness…and she taught me to be free.


To always stay loyal.


To dare to be different and always let your weird shine through.


To enjoy every sunset.



To always show your love and affection.






To protect your family.



To attempt everything, even if it seems impossible.



To always smile.



So many people will never understand the impact an animal can have on your life. What they can teach you about life…and about yourself. Karma taught me to believe in myself because no batter what, she believed in me…she never doubted I would steer her wrong or place her in a situation that would cause us harm. She would protect me with her life and made me feel safe. She knew when I was upset…and could somehow always make me laugh. She was one of a kind and I will cherish every single day I had with her. I hope she enjoyed her time with me as much as I enjoyed my time with her.

She was never just a dog.


wpid-20150221_122910.jpg wpid-20150110_172925.jpg wpid-20150109_164836.jpg

Miss you, beautiful girl.






Blessings With Big Ears.

It’s not often that you can find someone to accept you into their family, but I have been beyond blessed to find that.

Each time I venture over to the Rockin’ B Ranch to spend time with Bobbie Sue, Jeffrey (sometimes Drew, ha!) and their family of amazing German Shepherds I feel like I’m at home. I can’t explain it, but I could never thank them enough for their kindness, friendship, guidance, love, support, EVERYTHING – you guys are each one of a kind.

I never in a million years imagined that I would be a part of one of the absolute best German Shepherd breeding programs around, but the Lord has a funny way of laying opportunities in our laps.

When Bobbie Sue text me asking if I really wanted to be a part of the Rockin’ B GSD breeding program (something I always joked about with her..never expecting it to happen) I just giggled…because I was certain there was a funny pun coming next.

Well, there wasn’t a funny pun next, but there was a photo of this amazing girl, Karma.


I immediately fell in love.

After heading over to the Rockin’ B to chat about this possibility with Bobbie Sue and Jeffrey – it was clear that she needed to become part of the Rockin’ B GSD crew…I mean, look at those ears!

We headed down the road early Sunday morning to go meet this girl and make sure she met the strict Rockin’ B criteria. Straight back, great hips, a kind mind and good manners were all things of importance. Though she lacked a bit in the manners department (and in the kibble department too) miss Karma just seemed to instantly fit in.



She was a little nervous at first, but that is to be expected! We got back to the Ranch and introduced Karma to Ailey Mae – they seemed to be instant buddies and settled in just fine. (Those are some fine looking girls – wouldn’t ya say?)


I really enjoyed watching Karma settle in, get used to us and seem to really bond with me. It was an experience unlike any other I’ve had. Of all the people there she looked to me for security and guidance…talk about big shoes to fill.


Jeffrey decided at the end of the evening that Karma was good to go to our house.

TO OUR HOUSE! To be my girl?! No way?

Yes. Way.

Karma is an official Rockin’ B GSD but she gets to live with us! Talk about dreams coming true.

Karma has settled into our home just fine and continues to impress me every day with her intelligence and kind heart.


Though she has won over the corgi she is still trying to win over the heart of my little mutt dog. She brings her toys all day as a sign of friendship…I’ve never seen anything like that! She is one of a kind and I can’t thank Bobbie Sue and Jeffrey enough for allowing me to be a part of this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to see the amazing pups that come from her, and the many other accomplishments that she will achieve throughout her life with me and the Rockin’ B Ranch.



I look forward to sharing her adventures with you all!