Just Go.

I am so lucky.

I am SO lucky to love many of the things my best friend, life partner and right hand man loves to do. I see it so often…husbands and wives that don’t have any similar hobbies.

There’s a husband who enjoys building motors and a wife who enjoys re-purposing old antique pieces of furniture.

A man who loves the outdoors and a woman who loves to shop.

This happens so often because opposites do attract but it often drives a wedge. There are many people who poke fun at he and I because we’re always together. We are always together because we truly love and enjoy the same things.

I love hunting and fishing.

I love taking apart and rebuilding things.

I love to get greasy and turn wrenches.

…but I REALLY love to do those things with my main man.

There’s nothing more fun that sitting in the middle of nowhere in a deer blind and hanging out with your best friend for hours.

There’s nothing better than a friendly husband versus wife fishing competition…especially when you get the big fish!

There’s nothing I enjoy more than helping him work on whatever project he’s got in the shop at the time. I mean, my long skinny fingers and narrow chest DO come in handy from time to time.

I think that even if I didn’t enjoy these things…that I would learn to because I value that time with him so much.

I always enjoyed shooting but didn’t find a real love for it until I saw how much he loves it.

I could sit for hours and listen to him talk about bullets and velocity and minutes of angle and types of powder and new guns and ALL of these things that used to be so foreign to me…and I always get excited because he loves it.

I always have tons of questions and I’m always learning new things. I enjoy sitting on the back porch and slinging lead at the target while he helps me become a better shot and learn my gun inside and out.

If his passion was growing giant jalapenos…I would love it.

If his passion was farming worms…I would love it.

If his passion was something just off the wall and weird (because worm farming is completely normal)…I would grow to love it because I love him.

I love to workout and lift things…and he really doesn’t…but ANY time I’ve asked him to workout with me, he’s done it.

I think that’s what love is…it’s finding a joy in their passion.

It’s finding a common ground so you can share valuable time and create real memories doing something you both enjoy.

Take the time to do things together.

Cook dinner, dance in the kitchen, have a friendly competition, try something new, do something they love that you’ve never attempted.

Life is way to short to sit around waiting for the one you love to come home.

Just go with him!