A Rare Breed.

A rare breed; the hardworking man…

The man that wakes before the sun, works in it all day, and doesn’t stop until it goes down.

The man that busts his ass to provide for his family, because that’s what he believes they deserve.

The man that no matter how tired or how long his day, will accept the call from a friend to help him so that friend may continue to do his job…

The man who takes on countless projects just to help others.

The man who, despite being exhausted from all the other things he’s juggling in life, will still get down on the floor and wrestle with his children.

The man who greets his lady with a kiss as soon as he walks in the door every evening.

The man who will happily take care of any honey-do’s with a smile on his face.

The man who is so selflessly gives himself to others, every day…in spite of the effort he’s already put forth.

That is a real man, and a rare breed for sure…and one that should be celebrated.

You know who you are.