I Still Believe.

I still believe in love.

It’s 2017 and I still believe in REAL, true, genuine, 1950’s love.

I believe in the magic, the spark, the tingles, the physical feeling of finding “the one”…

I believe in the effort, the laughter, the arguments, the ebbs and flows, the work, the friendship, the safety, the comfort, the calmness of true love.

My grandparents haven’t been together for 67 years because they have a flawless relationship…they’ve been together for this long because when you value something and it breaks, you repair it, you don’t trash it.

They have faced each obstacle together as a team. It’s always been them against the problem, never them against one another.

When you can set your ego aside, admit your flaws, ask for forgiveness, be honest, let down your walls and fight TOGETHER for the sake of your love…you’re gonna make it.

If you’re not willing to fight for it, then it isn’t real.

If you’re hiding things, it isn’t real.

If you’re changing to please them, it isn’t real.

If you can’t communicate, it isn’t real.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the bubbly joyful moments of a new relationship and confuse them for love. True love isn’t all exciting and sparkly, it’s calm quiet and comforting. True love won’t ever ask you to sacrifice who you are. True love will guide you, quietly and safely, to the very best version of you. True love will inspire you, it will awe you, and it WILL hurt you…

..but it will be worth it.

I’m thankful for the failed relationships that lead me to the one who holds my heart today. The one who is my better half, the one who motivates me to be better and the one who truly loves me without condition. I’m thankful I never got too jaded to quit believing that fairy tale love really did exist.

It’s still out there…I know that for sure.