This One’s For You, Tea.

I guess maybe you thought I forgot to make a big sappy Facebook post for your birthday and all you got was a boring ole 7am text!

Well, I didn’t forget…I just had another plan.

See, I don’t want to just celebrate you on 8/28 …I want to celebrate you EVERY day before and after that day too!

I’ll never forget the rundown building and the Ole’ Hillbilly that brought us together.

“You’ve been to the shack?!”

I can’t possibly imagine growing up without you.

Who else would have camped out with a bunch of crazy old men just to run lines and catch fish as big as us?

Who would I have shot cowpies in the pasture with, if not you?

Who would have slapped me out of my blackout after the wheeler crash?

Who would have rode Peppy?

Who would have taught me to ignore my insecurities and just call the stupid boy?

Who would have believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself?

Who would have healed my heart, COUNTLESS times…

Who would have had an extra key to my truck?

Who would I have screamed “Lean On Me” to in the bus?

Who’s Momma would have loved me and taken me for donuts?

Who would I cry with, who would I laugh with, who would I life with…if it weren’t for you?

You…have been the most selfless, kind, caring friend I have ever been blessed with.

You’ve been there through EVERY high and low of my life.

You’ve been there when you didn’t have to…and you’ve thrown me in that big yellow Dodge more times than I can count.

I love you isn’t enough to express it, but it’s all I’ve got.

You’re my forever leaning post, laughing outlet and other half.

You were my first soulmate, and I’m so glad I found you so early!



To the moon, Little One…