Brain Breaks Are Mandatory!

I think I have discovered the most important part to my health and fitness journey…



Yeah…BRAIN breaks – an unspecified amount of time to FORGET all the things you’re constantly stressing over; specifically diet and exercise. I don’t ever plan them, and they are for no specific amount of time and have no rules.

This last “brain break” has lasted for a month now! My longest one yet – however, I’ve learned so much about my body and my nutrition! This morning I woke up and was done with it. How do I know? It’s just a feeling…a new found feeling of motivation and drive. A mood I have dubbed “world conquery”.  The first brain break only lasted about 4 days, the second a week, third almost 2 weeks, and like I said…this one has been going on for a month. They seem to space themselves farther and farther apart, though.

When I lose motivation and drive I take that as a sign to just sit back and live, enjoy life, LEARN and listen to my body and what it has to say. Learning your body and learning to ACTUALLY listen to it is really hard. We are born to listen and know what it needs and are later taught to do things in a specific way …which eventually wrecks this fitness and nutrition intuition.


During this brain break I discovered that I have completely unearthed my fit-nutrition intuition! In the past 4 weeks I have eaten better than I EVER have, consistently. I haven’t had a single binge, or even the urge to do so. I have discovered that my body really likes to eat paleo style…I learned that because I ate what “sounded good” every single day. 90% of the time “what sounds good” was meat and veggies. I also learned that my body prefers to fast until about 11 every day. I learned that sometimes a gallon of water a day isn’t enough. I learned that my body reacts insanely to functional exercise (in my case this past month, WORKING).

I learned that through the past couple  of years of trying this and that and whatever…that just LISTENING and learning my body is the trick to creating a lifestyle that I’m going to be able to maintain forever.

Discovering all this has lit a new fire within me, flipping my “best mode “switch on again; driving me to chase a dream I actually never thought was attainable until after this brain break.


I know, especially being from a small rural town, that a LOT of people aren’t going to understand my goals and aspirations…and that’s okay. I know I’m going to constantly catch hell because I’m eating a certain way and spending time creating a physique that I can be proud of. I’m sure people will continue to give me flack about being in bed early, spending money on protein shakes and drinking copious amounts of h2o… but I don’t care, because I want to smash these goals!

Don’t worry about what anyone says, set your own pace and just DO the damn thing – whatever it may be. Your destiny is simply that, YOURS!

Never be afraid to become who you were born to be.







2 thoughts on “Brain Breaks Are Mandatory!

  1. Hi Kristen,

    My name (also) is Kristen and I am a blogger/writer for Diet-to-Go. Each year, we put together a list of 100 inspirational bloggers in the weight loss/fitness/healthy living/healthy eating realm.

    The list is not something we take lightly. We put countless hours into finding the best bloggers so that we can direct our customers and readers to people who can truly motivate, inspire and help them in their own weight loss journeys.

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    The reason I’m contacting you is to let you know that this year, we selected YOU for our list! Congratulations! We think your story, posts and dedication to healthy living and/or weight loss is something to look up to, admire and shout to the world.

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    Finally, we want to personally thank you for being brave enough and dedicated enough to share your life and your journey with others. You are truly an inspiration!

    Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or comments.

    Kristen Ciuba, MS


    • Kristen,

      I am absolutely floored! I cannot begin to express you how honored I feel to be a part of your list. THANK YOU, for thinking my stories are worthy of sharing with others. I cannot wait to seek out other bloggers and continue to share my journey and inspire those who come across my blog.

      From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!



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