Remember Your Worth.

To all the women who have misplaced their worth:

Oh, beautiful princess…my heart aches for you.

It breaks in two every time you look in the mirror and pick yourself apart.

You can’t even see how spectacular you are because this nasty world has put a vision of “perfection” into your head….

That vision is FAKE.

Our society is FAKE.

The only thing real in this world is your beautiful soul, and love…

If only you could see your character, your soul…you would quit thinking all the negative thoughts about yourself. You are an immaculate being capable of ANYTHING you desire.

Your shell is just that, a shell…a vessel for your perfect soul. STOP letting this cruel world break you down, princess…

You ARE amazing, YOU are worthy, you are IRREPLACEABLE.


xoxo OkieGirl


As I took a step back this morning and took a long look at my life, I have realized how I have allowed people and society to have a negative effect on me.

Then I realized my kids have noticed that.

My girls have watched me tear myself apart while looking into the mirror. They have watched me worry about what others might think of me. They have listened to me say the nastiest things to myself and about myself….

I won’t allow it any longer…I CAN’T!

I will strive to show my girls to NEVER let a man make them feel like they aren’t worthy. Never let another woman to tear them down. Never let them worry what society will think or say about them for them simply being themselves.

I will do my best daily to remind them that they are AMAZING souls! That they are worthy of everything they desire. And that they can do absolutely ANYTHING they put their minds to…

because that is the truth!

We must all make a decision to ignore that fake ass vision that society has put into our heads and we must SHINE bright!



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