Get Off The Wagon.

I fell off the wagon again.
It’s pretty common for me.
Ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad…it’s a stupid cycle.
It’s kinda negative too.
I feel amazing when I’m 100% on track, but when I fall off track I get discouraged. The damaging self-talk begins, the struggle to binge meets me every time I open the fridge, and my body image begins to deteriorate…
SO – I’ve decided, I will not be getting back ON the wagon.
I will walk this trail at my own pace. If I’m setting the pace, I simply cannot fail.
It’s SO easy to compare your journey to those of others…but you know what? Unless you live with and have an up-close-and-personal relationship with them – you don’t see the REAL journey.
You see the highlights –the things they want you to see.
You don’t see them stand in the mirror and hate what they see.
You don’t see them eat a pizza.
You don’t hear about them skipping a couple days at the gym.
You don’t hear about how bad they WANT to stay home…that they’re not hungry for the iron every single day.
BUT – I GURANTEE you they are.
We are all human.
We all struggle with the same things. Getting healthy and staying fit and active is HARD WORK, but it’s hard work that’s absolutely worth it.
Progress is progress – as long as you’re moving forward, that’s all that matters.
It may take you TEN years to reach your goal, but you’re going to reach it as long as you never quit believing that you can.
I believe in you.
You’re worth the work…don’t tell yourself otherwise.
So, jump off the wagon with me and let’s walk this trail together!


Yesterday, amidst a random conversation, it was brought to my attention that not everyone can understand “why I want to look like a man”…

I know, stop laughing..I have a point to make here.

About a year ago I decided to take hold of the reins to my life and get healthy…I know, heaven forbid we do that in this day and age.

It just so happens that, my body LOVES to be strong…what’s that mean? It means I pack on muscle like a beast without really trying. Whatta you want from me – I’m genetically blessed to be a badass.28

As a woman in today’s society it’s a daily fight to try and fit in, to meet the “standards” set by Hollyweird and the fashion industries and shitty magazines that sell photo shopped images of girls who were actually already perfect to begin with.

I have struggled with a fucked up body image since about 5th grade …because I was around a foot taller than everyone in my class – EVERYONE. Somewhere around age 15 I began to embrace who I was…a tall weirdo who doesn’t do anything any of the other kids do.

I’m still that same girl. I’m doing things so many people see as “weird” or “wrong” …when in reality it’s just different.

Sure, most women don’t spend 7 days a week trying to build and perfect their bodies.

MOST women don’t care to sculpt the perfect delts and obliques.

WELL, guess what. I’m not most women.









The reason I want to “look like a man” …is because THAT is how I was made to look. My body is simply developing the way it was supposed to. As a fellow bad ass bitch so perfectly stated…

“Listen, just because my body was developed for something other than fucking millionaires, doesn’t mean it’s masculine. I think it’s femininely badass as fuck because there’s not a single muscle on body that isn’t for a purpose because I’m not a do nothin’ bitch.” -Rousey

Having muscle and being strong DOES NOT MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A MAN!

If you think I “look like a man” cool! THANKS, I think you look like a fucking wet noodle…

BUT – the difference in you and I is integrity, confidence and a kind heart. I would never tell you that I thought you were overweight, or you were too thin…because IT’S YOUR BODY!

The fact that MEN can talk shit about strong women just tells me one thing -they’re fucking jealous.

They’re jealous of our drive, our ability to put in the work and get the results, our ability to obtain something that could never be purchased, only created.

If you think my body is dudely, great. If you think it’s feminine, great. If you don’t give a shit either way because it’s MY body and not yours – even freaking better.












There are plenty of people putting others down, especially women – and it needs to stop.

We are so much more than our shells. We are all so much more than a nice body, or a pretty face. If you wanna lift the hell out of some weights and pack on muscle, DO IT! If you wanna do yoga, get thin and have a soft body..DO IT!

BUT whatever you do…never let what someone else thinks about you change your drive, or your self image.


Love your body.

Love the journey.

Embrace the setbacks and the restarts.

Celebrate the triumphs and always move forward.


The dream won’t work unless you do.


P.S. You can buy tits…traps must be earned.

Until then, forget it all and go lift like a girl.




Remember Your Worth.

To all the women who have misplaced their worth:

Oh, beautiful princess…my heart aches for you.

It breaks in two every time you look in the mirror and pick yourself apart.

You can’t even see how spectacular you are because this nasty world has put a vision of “perfection” into your head….

That vision is FAKE.

Our society is FAKE.

The only thing real in this world is your beautiful soul, and love…

If only you could see your character, your soul…you would quit thinking all the negative thoughts about yourself. You are an immaculate being capable of ANYTHING you desire.

Your shell is just that, a shell…a vessel for your perfect soul. STOP letting this cruel world break you down, princess…

You ARE amazing, YOU are worthy, you are IRREPLACEABLE.


xoxo OkieGirl


As I took a step back this morning and took a long look at my life, I have realized how I have allowed people and society to have a negative effect on me.

Then I realized my kids have noticed that.

My girls have watched me tear myself apart while looking into the mirror. They have watched me worry about what others might think of me. They have listened to me say the nastiest things to myself and about myself….

I won’t allow it any longer…I CAN’T!

I will strive to show my girls to NEVER let a man make them feel like they aren’t worthy. Never let another woman to tear them down. Never let them worry what society will think or say about them for them simply being themselves.

I will do my best daily to remind them that they are AMAZING souls! That they are worthy of everything they desire. And that they can do absolutely ANYTHING they put their minds to…

because that is the truth!

We must all make a decision to ignore that fake ass vision that society has put into our heads and we must SHINE bright!




You are enough.

Hell, if anything…you’re MORE than enough.

You’re an incredible unique soul that shines brightly through your shell, no matter what size it is.

Your body is just a vessel made of cells, it does not define you.

What does define you is what you believe to be true about yourself.

So believe this;

You are an incredible and important individual.

You are beautiful.

You have a smile that could change the world.

You are thoughtful and funny and maybe a little weird, as you should be.

You are important.

You matter.

You have impacted lives in ways you will never know about.

You are one of a kind.

You are not a label.

You are strong.

You are a warrior, a fighter, a winner.

YOU are whatever you desire to be.

So be this and nothing more, with no apologies;