Grin & Barrett.

It’s not every day you meet someone who shares a story so similar to yours, especially when it comes to a life changing dog. When I met Alexis and heard her story about Barrett, I knew we had a connection that would be unexplainable to most everyone else. We shared a bond with our K9 counter parts that most people only dream of. We were saved by them, changed by them, molded into who we are today because of them.

We are who we are because of Karma & Barrett, and we are now amazing friends 500 miles apart because of them too.

Life is so strange, don’t let it pass you by.


When it comes to unhealthy relationships, I have been dealt every kind that exists. There was the everyday liar and cheater, and then the physically and mentally abusive. The first was the worst though, and he was the one who didn’t hear my voice or think I had a choice. At fifteen years old, I turned into a total strange.. unrecognizable by family, friends, even myself. It was toxic to my life and everyone in it. It affected every relationship I had and would  continue to strain those in my future. Depression, suicide attempts, anxiety attacks, and addictions are what my new life would be made of until a year ago. 9 years of complete hell, and life changed for me again. I brought home a dog.

The demons I had spent my life hiding from would be brought to light, faced and dealt with. My joy and love for life restored! He brightened the darkness that had taken my soul, and sewed patches on my battered heart.

I was hurt so deeply by so many people that there was a broken piece of my a human would never come close to healing. But, a dog did! Barrett did! 💙 -Alexis

I know she misses you every day, Barrett! You will always be more than just a dog. Keep an eye on Karma, up there in heaven…we’ll see you some day. And remember to always…Grin & Barrett.


Okie Girl & Alexis