Set Your Soul Free.

I woke up this morning and realized something…I don’t have to please everyone.

I really only need to please myself.

I always struggle with wanting to help others pursue their dreams and set mine on the back burner. I’m afraid of hurting someones feelings by telling them “oh, I’m sorry – I’m gonna do my own thing.” I always feel like maybe I shouldn’t do something because they will think I’m just “trying to be like them”…when in reality, that’s just not how I work.

That’s not how the universe works.

I’m a firm believer that EVERYONE is put in your life for a reason – mainly to lead you to your purpose. It makes SENSE that there are people in your life currently and in the past that do similar things, don’t you think?

Today I will no longer be afraid to blaze my own trail because it may upset someone.

I will not sit back and wait another day to pursue my dreams – even if on the outside they may look like someone else’s.

I will not spare my soul another day of hiding its purpose because my brain is afraid.

HERE I COME  WORLD – in full force, and what a good feeling it is.





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