Sometimes Livin’ A Country Life Is Hard.

I could sit here and write for hours on end as to why I love living in the country, away from town, and doing things the way we do. I have lived this way for 20 years now, and that will never change. 

With the good comes the bad, though, especially with raising your own livestock. I’m sure Rancher Girl at A Building We Shall Go blog can attest to this, as she has raised cattle all her life! I have had horses for most of mine, and some chickens back in the day…but we have just recently dove into things head first. We currently have 3 feeder pigs (Bacon, Pork Chop and Linda) that we are finishing out before we take them to town to have  them turned into consumable products.

*Maybe if I leave out key words the crazy people won’t harass me! Haha*

Now, you should know that I am an animal lover. I love our little pigs and enjoy taking care of them. They’re friendly and are always happy to see me…but they have a job on our little ranch, and that job is to sustain our healthy lifestyle. Even though they will be in the freezer in a few weeks, there is no reason for me to treat them as anything other than living things. They’re enjoying their lives and hanging out getting fat…and love their daily shower. I think happy animals probably taste better.

Anyway! We have made the decision to start getting our meat this way so we know exactly where it comes from. It’s important to me to know what I’m putting into my body, and it should be to you too! It’s something I will look forward to each year! We put a lot of time and a substantial amount of funds into these kids, so they’re prized here on the little ranch. 

So here is the hard part…

I was sittin on the new back deck this morning drinking my protein shake when I heard a dog parking in the direction of our hog pens. This isn’t something I was going to wait out, so I found my flip flops and ran down there. Luckily, they were unharmed and not too stirred up (Remy dog is Pork Chops bestie)…but off ran a dog into the pasture. I know the dog, she visits often…and is large enough to do some serious damage to the smaller pigs. This is hard because you’re faced with protecting your livelihood …or your neighbors stupid dog. I would much rather punish the neighbor, and this poses another hard part…the neighbor talk! Haha! 

Luckily, our neighbor is pretty cool and will probably try harder to keep his dog in check, but the point is; no matter how much you may love dogs, and how much your morals may say “don’t do it” when it comes to protecting your livelihood and sustaining your family…you have to be willing to do whatever it takes. I’m just glad I didn’t have to anything crazy this morning. 

Maybe I should offer to teach my neighbors how to train their dogs? 

I also think Bacon would tear a dog in half…another problem? Yes and no. 

Moral of this shamble of rambles: If you live in the country, train your dogs or get an electric barrier fence…and if they run and harass livestock, be prepared to suffer the consequences.



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