Ignite It.

I have lived in Oklahoma since birth, and absolutely love it.

I have found some of the most breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful places and met some of the most wonderful people. I have lived, loved and lost here. Staying grounded has allowed me to build a relationship with my family (especially my grandparents) that anyone would envy, and has allowed me to grow into the person I am.


I don’t think this is where my soul belongs.

I long for warm weather, water and sunshine. I long for snow covered mountain views and ATV adventures. I long for daily nature walks that are never duplicated. I long for water so clear you can see 10 feet down. I long for hours of yoga and never ending pineapple.

I long for sand…on a beach or lakeshore and in an arena. I long for endless cow ponies and that one good once-in-a-lifetime horse.

I long for intelligent and engaging conversation and to be questioned about worldly things. I long to explore, to see, to do every day.

I do not believe that life should be about working to make money to buy things that will never make you happy.

True happiness should be found within.

Peace and happiness cannot be purchased with money. What is the point of getting your expensive degree and working your life away at a miserable job?

Sure, if becoming a doctor and saving lives is your calling – then that is great!

But if it’s not; WHY ARE YOU WASTING TIME?!

I would rather live in a hut beside a pond with no electricity than spend an hour in a classroom working towards a degree I will never use, or a day at a desk job just to pay the bills.

You need to find the embers of the fire burning in your soul and light it.

Let it engulf you and CHASE your passions.

Don’t be afraid of the world, or what people will think…because you will be truly happy.

Be the light.