Why Thrive?

As I was rummaging through my desk drawer looking for something I cam across a bottle of Avesil ( a weight loss formula with a list of ingredients I can’t even pronounce ) ….it’s nearly full. That is because after a month of using it I saw no changes and just felt like crap.

In another drawer I found a package of Sensa that someone had given me because it didn’t work for them…and guess what, it didn’t work for me either.

On my desk sits a bottle of OmegaPlex from Advocare…yet another reminder of a failed regimen. I still enjoy a few of the Advocare products, namely the O2 Gold before a workout, but that is all I use now.

I can also attest to Herbalife products that were in my cabinet that I just thew away a month ago as well as an unopened box of Shakeology somewhere in the house.

I have even gone so far as prescription weight loss pills (TERRIBLE!!!) and over the counter junk like Hydroxycut.

When I say that I have tried EVERYTHING, I seriously have tried EVERYTHING…even HCG!!

Now, there was 1 thing in common with EACH attempt at getting healthy with these products…about 8 or 10 pounds of weightloss and then a plateau. The other common denominator? Feeling like SHIT.


I was bloated, irritable and had consistent headaches when using all of these products. Even though the scale showed improvements my jeans were just as tight as they were before and the list of added symptoms were too long to keep me using them. I would spike and crash, spike and crash with the prescriptions and Hydroxycut type things and could barely keep myself functioning with the HCG.

I could go on and on about my experience with each product, but I don’t care to – just know that they didn’t work for me. They didn’t make me healthy from the inside out, fill in my nutritional gaps or help me make a lifestyle change…AT all.

They didn’t give me energy that lasts ALL day or help me get the best sleep I’ve had in years at night. They didn’t get rid of my aches and discomforts or help my mood. They didn’t naturally increase my metabolism or support fat loss while aiding in keeping lean muscle. They didn’t fill me full of probiotics to aid in proper digestions. They didn’t have 100% natural PLANT BASED ingredients with zero synthetics….they weren’t FEEDING my body with food fuel…they were just filling my poor body with chemicals and JUNK.

I could make a huge list of things that have improved for me since I have started using Thrive, but I’m just going to hit the most important things.

  • I’m consistently losing weight, no , check that…I’m consistently losing FAT and inches.
  • I no longer have cravings for sugar, carbs or junk food.
  • I sleep better than I ever have.
  • I have energy like I never have, with no weird jitters or crashes.
  • I am ALWAYS in an amazing mood.
  • I haven’t had a headache since starting Thrive.
  • It has eased the symptoms of my Endometriosis.
  • It has relieved the discomforts in my back, hips and knees.

It. Has. Changed. My. Life.


If you are ready to see what Thrive can offer you, PLEASE, email me (okeigirlfit@hotmail.com , find me on Facebook Kristen Hayes, or comment below with some contact information!! )

24 Hour InformativeĀ Call


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