Small Town Bad Ass; A How To Blog.

You may think that being this awesome is easy, and well…you’d be right.

BUT – there are some significant steps you can take to ensure your bad ass status.

I would assume that being a bad ass in New York is much different than being one in rural Oklahoma, so please forgive me for not having multiple guidelines.

The first step to becoming a small town bad ass is to really establish your persona. You have to look in the mirror and get the face down. It should look something like this.


Make sure when you’re getting ready, ladies, that you don’t overdo the makeup…real badasses only accentuate their already bad ass features. (note…a little shimmer IS acceptable)


Now, first things first when dressing the part…pick out your favorite red dirt band tee…or whichever one happens to be clean.


Make sure you try your tee on with booty shorts so you can really feel good about yourself.

Now that you’ve got your classy face on and your band tee picked out, you should go ahead and throw on the jeans and boots…this is a requirement to accomplish the real small town bad ass look.

Some other things that may help get  your persona rocking are;


Trying to look fresh in a Cowboy Fresh hat…


…taking plenty of selfies…


…and practicing your Dana Linn Bailey impressions. Nothing gets me more pumped than Cowboy Fresh and DLB.

SO …there are some things you will need to really pull this off.

I already mentioned the jeans and boots…but you will also need to drive a big truck.


Drink your Activate


Haul your Thrive and water in bulk…


Listen to bad ass Casey Donahew songs AND have a dash dog named Dusty.


Did I mention the selfies?


You should also make sure your lunch grub is on point…



..and that you really work on your driving style..


I know this is a lot to take in, but I’m confident by just adding in a few of these things you will become even more bad ass than you already are.

Remember, these guides only apply to small rural towns where even when you don’t know what you’re doing…the town does.

Now, get out there and get your bad ass on!





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