Just A Dog.

As I sit here wiping away tears I come to realize something…sometimes we meet people that can change our lives, and other times…if we’re really, REALLY lucky…we meet a dog that can change our lives.


I have housed, fostered, raised and rescued numerous dogs but very few have ever had a hold on my soul and created a space in my heart. So few so that I can count them both on one hand. Two. There was Yeller, my labrador best friend from about 6 to 13, and then there was Karma, the one of a kind GSD.


I remember the ride home as soon as we got her. She was an anxious mess…but found comfort with her nose behind my ear. It was this off the wall instant connection between us. I had faith from that moment that she would be different…she was.



From the very beginning Karma was so in tune to everything I did and said. I promise you she understood what I was saying, and feeling. I taught her so many things, and she learned so quickly. She was smart, silly, energetic and full of love.

I taught her goofy tricks, and a solid work ethic. I taught her who was okay and who shouldn’t be trusted…she taught me that too. She learned when it was time to work, and when it was time to play. Together, every day, we grew and learned together..about each other, about life..about the world.

In all that I taught her, though…she taught me so much more. She taught me that sometimes change is unexpected and even though you think you can’t handle something…you certainly can. She taught me to be patient, and understanding…and to communicate without saying a word. She taught me that even though you think your heart is absolutely full…there is always room for more love. She taught me forgiveness…and she taught me to be free.


To always stay loyal.


To dare to be different and always let your weird shine through.


To enjoy every sunset.



To always show your love and affection.






To protect your family.



To attempt everything, even if it seems impossible.



To always smile.



So many people will never understand the impact an animal can have on your life. What they can teach you about life…and about yourself. Karma taught me to believe in myself because no batter what, she believed in me…she never doubted I would steer her wrong or place her in a situation that would cause us harm. She would protect me with her life and made me feel safe. She knew when I was upset…and could somehow always make me laugh. She was one of a kind and I will cherish every single day I had with her. I hope she enjoyed her time with me as much as I enjoyed my time with her.

She was never just a dog.


wpid-20150221_122910.jpg wpid-20150110_172925.jpg wpid-20150109_164836.jpg

Miss you, beautiful girl.






5 thoughts on “Just A Dog.

  1. Oh my goodness. My heart hurts so much for you, but never forget that though her life was short – you gave her the ultimate satisfaction… to know what it feels like to be loved. My sweet Molly was taken too soon from me as well, but I know she’s never really left.
    And perhaps the reason they were taken so soon was because they had already lived their life’s purpose – to change ours for the better.

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