Thrive: Part I

-grow or develop well or vigorously.
-prosper; flourish.
August of 2014 was quite the month for me and my health. I discovered I had endometriosis and it was causing me huge amounts of discomfort and it was keeping me physically and emotionally exhausted. On a road trip to Galveston my friend Danielle introduced me to Thrive. I like to say that I wasn’t a day 1 girl but an hour 1 girl. Within 15 minutes I was feeling better. I had energy, a smile on my face and I was actually EXCITED to be in the truck for the next 7.2 hours.
After about a week on Thrive I had noticed that the discomforts I was having were greatly decreased. Not only the ones caused from my endo but the random aches in my back, knees and neck as well! I went from having daily headaches to zero headaches and had more energy than I knew what to do with!
In order to have a surgery I had to stop taking all supplements and medications for quite a while…in this time I had to stop using my Thrive and just kinda fell off the wagon with using it.
Fast forward to the beginning of February…I was cleaning my kitchen and came across my left over Thrive. I said to myself “WHY haven’t you taken this? It makes you feel great!” so I immediately started using the products again.
Of course my energy and productivity went through the roof, I started sharing with my friends and ordered some for my husband. To date (19 days) I have lost 6 pounds and 2″ off of my middle! My jeans fit better, my workouts are super intense, my nutrition is improving every day and I just feel GOOD.
It’s so hard to find words to express how this product has changed my life and continues to every day.
Until the next Thrive update!
Want to check out the products that are changing my life? Visit …don’t hesitate to email me and ask questions!!

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