The following are 25 things I have learned in the past 25 years.

P.S I haven’t thought these out, I’m just going for it..so bare with me?

1. If you quit things at a young age, you will continue to give up as an adult. This makes life hard sometimes.

2. Life is hard, but only as hard as you make it. Creating problems that aren’t there is really kinda pointless.

3. Being best friends with your Daddy isn’t a bad thing, ever, for any reason…and if people make fun of you for it you have the right to punch them in the throat.

4. Family is SO important.

5. You can learn a lot about yourself by listening to the lyrics of the songs you listen to when you’re sad.

6. You can solve a lot of the worlds problems on a dirt road, especially at sunset.

7. Love will never be what you think it’s supposed to be – but it will be more than you expect, just in different ways.

8. Life isn’t all about finding love, it’s about finding yourself.

9. Finding yourself is hard.

10. Finding out who you want to be when you grow up is really hard…but when you do, it will light a fire like no other.

11. You can’t treat people poorly and expect them to be kind in return.

12. You can’t let people treat you poorly and be kind in return!!

13. It’s okay to “break up” with friends.

14. You can’t deny a gypsy soul.

15. Crying is acceptable.

16. The less you recollect a negative thought, the harder it will be for you to remember it. (you’re welcome.)

17. You should always be inquisitive with the people you meet. Ask questions about them, their lives, what they do, what they are passionate about.

18. Health is SO important.

19. …but so is wine.

20. You should never settle for anything in life. Not in love, in your career, in school, NOTHING.

21. You absolutely MUST surround yourself with good people. You become like the 3 people you spend the most time with.

22. Staying educated is important. Not so much school, but being up to date on our society, the issues in the world, how sea turtles travel, why there is a pink dolphin, how to get a horse to back up 37 feet. It doesn’t matter what kind of information you feed your brain with, but you should feed it…regularly.

23. The past should remain just that, the past…things that have already happened cannot be undone.

24. The world is beautiful, and you should travel it. Even if you spend your last dime on gas…it will be worth it…every.damn.time.

25. You. Are. Beautiful. This is number 25 because it’s taken me nearly that long to love myself inside and out…and I just want everyone to realize how beautiful they are, no matter what anyone else says.






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