Tan Line Anticipation.

Before I met my husband I was never really a lake rat. Of course I enjoyed going and fishing, swimming and playing on a tube…but we never had a lake spot or camped over night with the exception of our annual Lake Eufaula fishing trip – so much fun!!!

So..the summer after I met my now husband he took me to the lake and I fell in love.  We bought a boat and that wasn’t the end…a year later we bought a big camper and lived on the water for 2 years! We would probably still be there if the lake hadn’t lost so much water!

ANYWAY….in all of our summers on the lake and in a swimsuit I never once thought “maybe I shouldn’t wear this” or “ew I don’t look good enough” ….I just loved who I was and that was that. I have never had body image issues and have just been confident being me…until now.

Due to some health issues (maybe I will share that story someday) I gained around 25-30 pounds in just a month. I went from a normalish and somewhat fit body with a little extra weight to someone carrying around 40 extra pounds! Luckily…having such good body image this didn’t really effect my self esteem!

I have been fighting this weight for nearly 2 years now…it has caused me some physical and emotional pain and has began to effect my body image!

I catch myself dressing to “hide” and not being comfortable with the outfits I have. I hide from my husband and jump in bed and cover up before he can see me…I have just become uncomfortable.
After all the things I have tried something clicked with me at the end of January…and I feel that I am finally on track to get healthy AND I have began to see the scale move a little and the inches come off! I have realized that it won’t disappear in a day and that getting healthy is the most important. I take some premium supplements that have completely changed my health and energy and give me the gumption to work out. I love lifting heavy and I am just happy again!

My husband is supporting my efforts by spotting my “heavy” weights and giggling at my hair after a workout.

Finding my health and getting out of the negative rut I was in has had such a huge impact on our life. I have a positive relationship with food and enjoy cooking again!

For the first time in a couple years I am looking forward to putting on a swimsuit and heading to the lake!

Here’s to happiness, health and new beginnings!!


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