Goals & Greatness

I have so many things I want to say today! I’ve been thinking about life and goals and dreams and aspirations …and just exactly what I want to do with my life! I have SO many goals!

Some of those immediate goals are;

  • get a degree in holistic nutrition.
  • become a certified personal trainer.
  • get my car bonus with Le-Vel.
  • get an arena built so I can start pushing on horses again.
  • compete in a ToughMudder race.

The arena and CPT certificate are important goals as they will allow me to reach my ultimate goal of creating a women’s program. I want to create a program to help women find their way back to who they are. Maybe they were beaten and abused, maybe they have an eating disorder, maybe they have suffered a great loss…or maybe they just need support and love. Maybe the woman is just a young girl who hates her body or maybe she is an older widow who is lost in life…whatever the story is, my goal is to help.

The program will include horses and fitness in a way that I have never seen to change peoples lives. To teach them to love and trust themselves again. To show them their true physical and emotional strengths. To help them find peace in whatever it is that they battle each day.

I hope that sometime this year I am writing another blog introducing the program and it’s entirety.

I believe that everyone was put on this earth with a purpose and my purpose is to help others see the best in themselves.

It has taken me some time to really figure this out, but it is THE thing I was made for.

What were you made for? 

What are your dreams? 

I would love to hear from you!

Here’s to achieving greatness!



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