Since I was about 15 I knew that no matter what I chose to do I was going to find success and happiness in life. I never felt the need to seek it out…I just KNEW it would happen.

At that time I was training horses and that was something I absolutely loved (still do) but that wasn’t it .

I went to EMT school…not it either and I quit as soon as I knew.

Started some online schooling online, nope. Assistant at an oil company, not it. Photographer…still a big negative.

Of all of the things I have tried none of them were my true ‘calling’ . I have enjoyed everything I have done and am so thankful that I have been able to try and experience all of those things as they have all taught me about myself and what my purpose in life truly is.

I’m still not 100% sure of my it …but I know some things for sure.

My it involves changing lives and helping others see greatness in themselves.

It includes surrounding myself with unique and outstanding, strong, beautiful, empowering women and being those things for them.

It includes being someone people can reach out to in a time of need.

It includes creating a womens program that will save and change the lives of hundreds of women.

It includes promoting health, happiness and self love.

I’m not sure if it is just one thing, or a number of things…and I can’t wait to find out!

Here’s to the people who move and inspire me, believe in me and living the dream.

Here’s to IT!!!




Finding Yourself. {A Wandering Gypsy Post}

Is it possible to love yourself without knowing who you truly are?

This is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately.

I think it is possible, because I believe a healthy person continues to reinvent themselves throughout their life. Loving yourself & finding yourself are both a journey, not a destination. We can get so overwhelmed by all our little imperfections that we don’t see any goodness in ourselves anymore. This can absolutley destroy our relationship with ourselves. This will cut out all the beauty, joy & love that could be possible in our lives.

Happiness is ultimately an inside job.Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.

I struggle daily with focusing on all my little imperfections & making them seem huge. I struggle with horrible anxiety as well, which makes this all 20 times worse. Because anxiety keeps me from reaching my full potential & allowing my true self to blossom. I mean, how are others supposed to enjoy my company when I’m not even sure I enjoy my own.

When you wake up one day & you don’t really know who you are anymore, it’s very hard to ignore. So I’ve decided to get a little selfish sometimes… this quote for example:

“self love is an ocean & your heart is a vessel. make it full & any excess will spill over into the lives of the people you hold dear. But you MUST come first. -Beau Taplin Society”

and people in the world will constantly try to tell us what we should do, how we should act, etc… But no!

Just no.. growing up in school I embraced who I was, always. I loved that I was unique & nobody could tell me otherwise. But somewhere along the way, I started caring. Since I’m starting this journey in loving myself & finding myself again, no more will I care. I’m letting go of the need to be loved by all. Some people aren’t going to be able to handle my rawness. I’ve realized as long as you continue to exist just to fulfill other peoples ideas of who you should be, you’ll never know who you truly are. We aren’t all supposed to be the same. How much fun would life really be if we were all the same?….I don’t think it would be.

I appreciate all kinds of people. Their beliefs, their habits, their goals, their imperfections, just everything that makes the person who they are. So I’m learning to relearn everything based on what I think and feel, not on what I’ve been told. I’m going to leave ya’ll with a little quote that helps me with this journey…

“He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away” -Raymond Hull

xoxo – a wandering gypsy

Thrive: Part I

-grow or develop well or vigorously.
-prosper; flourish.
August of 2014 was quite the month for me and my health. I discovered I had endometriosis and it was causing me huge amounts of discomfort and it was keeping me physically and emotionally exhausted. On a road trip to Galveston my friend Danielle introduced me to Thrive. I like to say that I wasn’t a day 1 girl but an hour 1 girl. Within 15 minutes I was feeling better. I had energy, a smile on my face and I was actually EXCITED to be in the truck for the next 7.2 hours.
After about a week on Thrive I had noticed that the discomforts I was having were greatly decreased. Not only the ones caused from my endo but the random aches in my back, knees and neck as well! I went from having daily headaches to zero headaches and had more energy than I knew what to do with!
In order to have a surgery I had to stop taking all supplements and medications for quite a while…in this time I had to stop using my Thrive and just kinda fell off the wagon with using it.
Fast forward to the beginning of February…I was cleaning my kitchen and came across my left over Thrive. I said to myself “WHY haven’t you taken this? It makes you feel great!” so I immediately started using the products again.
Of course my energy and productivity went through the roof, I started sharing with my friends and ordered some for my husband. To date (19 days) I have lost 6 pounds and 2″ off of my middle! My jeans fit better, my workouts are super intense, my nutrition is improving every day and I just feel GOOD.
It’s so hard to find words to express how this product has changed my life and continues to every day.
Until the next Thrive update!
Want to check out the products that are changing my life? Visit …don’t hesitate to email me and ask questions!!


The following are 25 things I have learned in the past 25 years.

P.S I haven’t thought these out, I’m just going for bare with me?

1. If you quit things at a young age, you will continue to give up as an adult. This makes life hard sometimes.

2. Life is hard, but only as hard as you make it. Creating problems that aren’t there is really kinda pointless.

3. Being best friends with your Daddy isn’t a bad thing, ever, for any reason…and if people make fun of you for it you have the right to punch them in the throat.

4. Family is SO important.

5. You can learn a lot about yourself by listening to the lyrics of the songs you listen to when you’re sad.

6. You can solve a lot of the worlds problems on a dirt road, especially at sunset.

7. Love will never be what you think it’s supposed to be – but it will be more than you expect, just in different ways.

8. Life isn’t all about finding love, it’s about finding yourself.

9. Finding yourself is hard.

10. Finding out who you want to be when you grow up is really hard…but when you do, it will light a fire like no other.

11. You can’t treat people poorly and expect them to be kind in return.

12. You can’t let people treat you poorly and be kind in return!!

13. It’s okay to “break up” with friends.

14. You can’t deny a gypsy soul.

15. Crying is acceptable.

16. The less you recollect a negative thought, the harder it will be for you to remember it. (you’re welcome.)

17. You should always be inquisitive with the people you meet. Ask questions about them, their lives, what they do, what they are passionate about.

18. Health is SO important.

19. …but so is wine.

20. You should never settle for anything in life. Not in love, in your career, in school, NOTHING.

21. You absolutely MUST surround yourself with good people. You become like the 3 people you spend the most time with.

22. Staying educated is important. Not so much school, but being up to date on our society, the issues in the world, how sea turtles travel, why there is a pink dolphin, how to get a horse to back up 37 feet. It doesn’t matter what kind of information you feed your brain with, but you should feed it…regularly.

23. The past should remain just that, the past…things that have already happened cannot be undone.

24. The world is beautiful, and you should travel it. Even if you spend your last dime on gas…it will be worth it…every.damn.time.

25. You. Are. Beautiful. This is number 25 because it’s taken me nearly that long to love myself inside and out…and I just want everyone to realize how beautiful they are, no matter what anyone else says.






Permeable Clouds & A Sandstone Bikini

Sometime last year I decided I needed a fitness blog to track my journey ( and I just stumbled back across it. I had completely forgot about it since starting this more relevant to me blog! This is the last post I posted on there…and I laughed so hard reading it…but also absolutely loved it. I HAD to share. This blog can tell you a LOT about who I am.



There are some occasions in my life where I do something that is considered “normal”, but those are very rare occasions. I’m talking few and far between.

So, what is normal? I guess that’s different for everyone, but the true definition of normal is simply; “conforming to the usual standard, type, or custom”.


No wonder I refuse to be normal.

I have always been different, weird, strange, silly, WHATEVER you wish to call it…I’ve been that way since I was like 24 minutes old. Seriously, I have proof.

I have been a lot of things, but normal has never been one of them.

I’ve never been someone to conform to the visions that society has made for a woman in her 20’s (or a girl of any age, for that matter!) I have always been strong, independent, somewhat intelligent, strong willed, and weird. I have my own sense of style, do whatever I want with my hair, and I didn’t get pregnant 3 minutes after I got married.

What is society anyway? And why do they get to decide who we are?
They may define you, but you’re on your own on that one.

It’s hard to do what you’re passionate about these days if it doesn’t fit in with the “rules” of society. FOR example, since I started my fitness journey you would not believe how many people say “don’t get manly” when I tell them that I lift heavy weights on the daily.

BITCH, I already am – and I’m proud of it! Manly. Psh. Whatever that means. I was manly before I started lifting. I train horses, build motors, drive trucks, play in the mud, haul hay, drink beer and work for an oil company. I don’t think picking up iron 5x a week is going to make me any more of a dude.

You say I’m manly, but I just say I’m independent. I can take care of myself in situations many women can’t. If you think that’s a weakness, well, honey – YOU are sadly mistaken.

Another thing that people find absolutely crazy? That I run my own business. Why? Because I’m a chick, and girls don’t run the show.

SCUZE the hell outa me. If you don’t like it, get on down the road.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that you should ignore what you read and see and hear and do your own damn research. Become who you were born to be, not who someone else was born to be.

Chase your dreams down and tackle them. If you’re not following your dreams, then you’re just letting someone else pay you to follow theirs.

Stand out.
Dare to be questioned.
Wear a sandstone bikini that you carved your damn self, you cave woman you.
Smirk in the face of conformity.
Flash all your haters a smile.


I know I will.


Tan Line Anticipation.

Before I met my husband I was never really a lake rat. Of course I enjoyed going and fishing, swimming and playing on a tube…but we never had a lake spot or camped over night with the exception of our annual Lake Eufaula fishing trip – so much fun!!!

So..the summer after I met my now husband he took me to the lake and I fell in love.  We bought a boat and that wasn’t the end…a year later we bought a big camper and lived on the water for 2 years! We would probably still be there if the lake hadn’t lost so much water!

ANYWAY….in all of our summers on the lake and in a swimsuit I never once thought “maybe I shouldn’t wear this” or “ew I don’t look good enough” ….I just loved who I was and that was that. I have never had body image issues and have just been confident being me…until now.

Due to some health issues (maybe I will share that story someday) I gained around 25-30 pounds in just a month. I went from a normalish and somewhat fit body with a little extra weight to someone carrying around 40 extra pounds! Luckily…having such good body image this didn’t really effect my self esteem!

I have been fighting this weight for nearly 2 years now…it has caused me some physical and emotional pain and has began to effect my body image!

I catch myself dressing to “hide” and not being comfortable with the outfits I have. I hide from my husband and jump in bed and cover up before he can see me…I have just become uncomfortable.
After all the things I have tried something clicked with me at the end of January…and I feel that I am finally on track to get healthy AND I have began to see the scale move a little and the inches come off! I have realized that it won’t disappear in a day and that getting healthy is the most important. I take some premium supplements that have completely changed my health and energy and give me the gumption to work out. I love lifting heavy and I am just happy again!

My husband is supporting my efforts by spotting my “heavy” weights and giggling at my hair after a workout.

Finding my health and getting out of the negative rut I was in has had such a huge impact on our life. I have a positive relationship with food and enjoy cooking again!

For the first time in a couple years I am looking forward to putting on a swimsuit and heading to the lake!

Here’s to happiness, health and new beginnings!!


Goals & Greatness

I have so many things I want to say today! I’ve been thinking about life and goals and dreams and aspirations …and just exactly what I want to do with my life! I have SO many goals!

Some of those immediate goals are;

  • get a degree in holistic nutrition.
  • become a certified personal trainer.
  • get my car bonus with Le-Vel.
  • get an arena built so I can start pushing on horses again.
  • compete in a ToughMudder race.

The arena and CPT certificate are important goals as they will allow me to reach my ultimate goal of creating a women’s program. I want to create a program to help women find their way back to who they are. Maybe they were beaten and abused, maybe they have an eating disorder, maybe they have suffered a great loss…or maybe they just need support and love. Maybe the woman is just a young girl who hates her body or maybe she is an older widow who is lost in life…whatever the story is, my goal is to help.

The program will include horses and fitness in a way that I have never seen to change peoples lives. To teach them to love and trust themselves again. To show them their true physical and emotional strengths. To help them find peace in whatever it is that they battle each day.

I hope that sometime this year I am writing another blog introducing the program and it’s entirety.

I believe that everyone was put on this earth with a purpose and my purpose is to help others see the best in themselves.

It has taken me some time to really figure this out, but it is THE thing I was made for.

What were you made for? 

What are your dreams? 

I would love to hear from you!

Here’s to achieving greatness!